DOME ISLAND's specification

Size 5m (H)

Floor diameter 5.5m / extent 23.75m²

Weight Around 1t (960kg)

Material High density polyethylene (HDPE)

Floor panel-1, Floor panel-2, Floor panal-3,
Wall panel-1 (Bottom side),
Wall panel-2 (Middle side),
Wall panel-2 window,(Middle side),
Wall panel-3,
Top cover blower, Exit column 1,
Exit column 2,
Exit eaves, Exit floor,
Internal afforestation wall.

Material thickness 5T

Air layer thickness Around 9cm

Outer wall thickness Around 10cm

A perfect figure of DIY

- World’s first assembled 23-square-meter large space
- Mobile Housing with the best technology (Patent application.
- Differentiated, robust double-structure panels maximized for water proofing, heating, and insulation
- The maximized convenience of living, Production by domestic design, easy assembly / tear down / movement.
- Providing safe and pleasant indoor space

HDPE (High Density Polyethylene)

- It is high rigidity, firmness and ambiguity. It is characterized by high moisture resistance and water resistance to water, water vapor, air and excellent shock resistance even at temperature of minus 40 degrees. Heat-resistant temperature can be used in microwave ovens from 90 to 120 degrees.
- Above all, HDPE has no chemical release and it is very safe for toxicity, so it is safe enough not only for food containers and lids but also for milk bottles and infant toys
- HDPE has excellent strength, but it is a non-toxic eco-friendly plastic that has no environmental hormones detected and is used in various food containers besides pet bottles and lids. Also, 100% recyclable material is environmentally friendly.