Aristocratic camping!
A 23-square meter prefabricated dome house


Basic specifications
gate (Including mosquito net) 1ea, windows (Including mosquito net) 5ea, wood lathes 2ea, light 1ea, switch 1ea, outlet 4ea, distribution board 1ea

*Product shipping will be charged separately by region.

Additional option
Add window (blackout screen, general screen)
Floor film heating
Facility pipe connection (sewage/water supply/hot water/sink/shower)
Bolt cap mounting
Floor deck (varies according to product)
Entrance door (including screen screen)
Toilet & Shower Booth
External LED directing
Emergency opening door (including screen screen)
Transportation cost (varies according to region)
Canopy for windows
water heater
Installation labor cost
Additional interior decoration

(The interior decoration is available for consultation, and the price vary by type)

A private carpet, LED decoration

Foundation floor construction Deck, Pallet, artificial turf, cement

Floor heating film heating method, heat-wire treatment method, boiler method

Home appliances air conditioner, heater, TV, refrigerator, microwave oven, air purifier and so on

Dedicated shower booth, toilet booth, kitchen booth

Furniture bed, sofa, living room dresser, dedicated built-in closet and so on