The interior of DOME ISLAND is 23.75 square meters wide and the ceiling is 3.5 meter tall and spacious
(The width of the inner room of a typical apartment : 13.32m², The width of a double room in a regular motel : 16.53m²)
Feel free to do indoor productions in the comfort of the camping aristocratic DOME ISLAND
Decorate everything you want in one place for kitchen, bathroom, restroom, bedroom, conference room, living room, one room and so on

  1. Floor panel

    It is 5cm thick enough to prevent moisture and harmful insects and to reduce impact. We offer it as a basic service

  2. The screen, mosquito net

    It is installed by default to protect against pests in window, doors, etc. It’s a curtained screen

  3. Electric light

    We will install a central light with a built-in mood lamp

  4. Entrance door screen, mosquito net

    It is installed against pests in entrance door

  5. Private shelf

    It’s customized for the DOME ISLAND round and comes in two by a standard size

  6. Basic electrical wiring (S/W, socket)

    A basic three-way switch and two-way outlet are installed inside the entrance

  7. Ventilator

    Purification by sending contaminated air from indoors to the outside

  8. Fire door

    Fire door to prevent the spread and combustion of fire


The exterior of DOME ISLAND has differentiated itself from other products in terms of safety and durability.
As you can see from its size and weight, it is perfectly prepared for external strong winds or heavy rain.
e provide optimum heating and cooling by increasing the material thickness of the outer wall and the thickness of the air layer.
Only by using the “triple cut off combination” of DOME ISLAND, leakage prevention is not only basic, but it also completely blocks a light winter breeze.
As aristocrats of camping. We made all parts with strong products.