01 The problem of tent

-It’s vulnerable to weather such as wind, snow and rain

-Heating and cooling is difficult and it’s dangerous in case of fire

-It is hard to maintain and repair.

02 The problem of caravan

-Price is very expensive

-It’s a small, stuffy, complex space

-With a stereotyped space, internal customized products for customers are impossible

-It has a non-natural, an urban atmosphere that doesn’t go with a camping ground

03 The problem of pension

-The price is expensive

-The term of construction is long

-Because of its fixed position, it is not possible to install movements freely

01 텐트의 문제점

-바람, 눈, 비에 취약하다.

-냉·난방이 어렵고 화재 시 위험하다.

-유지보수가 어렵다.

02 카라반의 문제점

-가격이 고가이다.

-좁고 답답하고 복잡한 공간.

-정형화된 공간으로 고객을 위한 내부 연출이 불가능.

-자연친화적이지 않고, 캠핑장과는 어울리지 않는 도시적인 분위기.

03 펜션의 문제점

-가격이 비싸다. 건설기간이 길다.

-고정된 위치, 자유롭게 이동 설치가 불가능하다.

-자연친화적이지 않고, 캠핑장과는 어울리지 않는 도시적인 분위기.

Maximized all the advantages and
resolved all the disadvantages!

“ The difference of DOME ISLAND in
resolving the inconvenience of camping ”
  • Shaped structure that is harmonious and safe with the natural environment

    Safe of natural disasters such as earthquakes, typhoons, and storms.

  • Optimization of Heating and Cooling

    Perfect waterproofing, moisture- proofing, fireproofing, durability. Quick assembly, installation, easy mobility,

  • A large indoor space of 23 square meters

    The pension into the arms of nature.
    It can create its own space such as a large bed, shower room, bathroom, kitchen and living loom to meet the needs of the camping site.